All I Can Be SACCO

All I Can Be Savings and Credit Co-operative Society Ltd (AICB SACCO Society) is also commonly referred to as “The Children’s SACCO”.


Members of AICB SACCO Society are parents / guardians who share a common goal which is to stimulate and promote the economic and welfare interests of their children of under 18 years. All I Can Be SACCO is a partner to the parents/guardians in their mutual quest to raise, develop and produce wholesome and secure individuals who are also smart consumers, prudent savers, savvy investors, productive workers and responsible citizens.


Consistent with its vision of “Economic empowerment of people, nations and generations” AICB purposes to inspire, empower and facilitate children and youth to embrace a savings culture, engage in long term investments and develop essential competences through life skills – based education and other beneficial personal growth and development opportunities thereby productively applying the years to becoming young adults.


Members enjoy access to several benefits among them the following:

  • A secure savings platform
  • Loan facilities at affordable interest rates
  • Strategic investment opportunities to grow money
  • Structured training in money management skills at discounted rates
  • Opportunities to engage in income generating activities individually and collectively
  • Opportunity to develop the positive values of responsibility, self-reliance, motivation, planning and sharing.


Membership to AICB SACCO Society is open to the public through registered organizations including companies, SACCOs, Societies and other structured groups.  This translates to a double incentive for partner organizations as it enables them to focus on their core business and at the same time secure an attractive benefit for their staff and/or members thus promoting their engagement and/or productivity. AICB engages with the organizations via a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for salary check off.


Members participate actively in the determination of SACCO affairs through laid down democratic processes and by proposing potential opportunities for the benefit of the SACCO and its members.


Make the smart move today. Join other progressive parents by registering your child today!