AICB Market Place

All I Can Be Market Place is an interactive online trading platform. 


Entrepreneurs can set up and operate dedicated online shops and their products are also automatically listed in the main shop. 


Buyers can search and pay for products.


Registration is FREE and is open to all adults. 


Minors who are duly registered members of the Money Farm under AICB SACCO  may transact on our platform and are subject to the general User policies and to the terms and conditions  specific to them.


The shop set-up process is in two simple steps follows:

  1. Create account on the AICB Platform using the form provided
  2. AICB Admin approves you as vendor and gives you appropriate access that will allow you to upload merchandise and transact business.


You are ready to go!


Users are advised to familiarize themselves with applicable codes in respect of intellectual rights, patents, trademarks and their implications and to, where applicable, take the necessary measures to execute appropriate safeguard of their products before uploading merchandise.


Welcome to AICB Market Place and our best wishes for a productive and rewarding experience!

Registration is Free and is open to both adults and minors. Minors are however required to observe additional policies that are specific to them.

Empowering People. Nations. Generations.

Empowering People. Nations. Generations.