Sponsorship Categories

AICB endeavors to engage with her partners/sponsors on the premise of mutual respect and value.

We recognize that by giving of themselves and their resources thus enabling us to offer quality youth empowerment programs to our target customers, our partners are directly and/or indirectly giving back to society and positively impacting current and future generations.

In appreciation of the support received from our partners/sponsors we in turn endeavor to provide them with opportunities that create value for them and enable them to exercise and maximize their potential in many areas including the following:
• Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
• Resource application
• Employee productivity and engagement
• Brand promotion.

We invite all you great men, women and organizations that purpose and are committed to realizing real constructive change to go over our Sponsorship Categories highlighted below to understand and choose one that best suits you. Sponsorship, monetary or in kind, is a voluntary commitment.

Sponsorship CategorySponsor ProfileSponsor ObligationsBenefit to Sponsor
The Money Farm Member Registration
  • Companies
  • Structured and registered groups
    • Sign MOU with AICB SACCO to facilitate registration of staff/dependents for The Money Farm and facilitate monthly Salary check off and remittance of  member contributions
    • and / or
    • facilitate minors’ access to learning environment at AICB Academy.
  • Facilitate access for employees and their dependents to;
    • save, invest and access loans
    • access welfare services e.g. medical, education and insurance services
  • Opportunity for organization to:
    • Enhance employee motivation, engagement and productivity
    • nurture and grow customer / ambassador base
    • realize productive deployment of resources.
Children’s Supermarket (Simulation Centre) Display

FMCG organizations


Lease limited shelf space at the Children’s Supermarket at a nominal fee of Kshs. 20,000 per year to display branded dummy merchandise.
  • Opportunity to:
    • stimulate and grow customer base / market share by engaging stakeholders (children/parents) and inducing in them top of the mind awareness of Company brands
    • Advertise at simulation center
    • Deliver on CSR and develop public goodwill.
Donate materials / equipment (used or new)
  • Organizations
  • Individuals
Donate used or new materials/equipment to make the learning experience as realistic, dynamic, practical, exciting, fulfilling and accessible as possible for the children.  Items include; learning aids, office equipment, systems, furniture, recreational and construction materials.
  • Donor entity branded tags on items in standard sizes defined by AICB
  • Recognition of sponsor contribution in appropriate avenues.
Event Sponsorship
  • Organizations
  • Individuals
Sponsor elements of AICB events, public or private. Sponsorship areas include; Photography / videography, facilitation / expert talks, publicity / advertisement space and material donations e.g. writing material, learning aids, transport, food and drinks, venue.
  • Branding / display rights at AICB events
  • Recognition of sponsor contribution in appropriate avenues.
Children’s Foreign Exchange Bureau Simulation Centre and Museum
  • Organizations
  • Individuals
Donate different denominations of world currencies (old and present day legal tender) to support learner understanding of world currencies through visual presentation and practical engagement at the Children’s Foreign Exchange Bureau Simulation Center and Museum.

Branding rights

  • Recognition of sponsor contribution in appropriate avenues.



N.B: We also recognize willing partners online on Become Our Partner page on this website. If you have supported any of our programs and would like to be featured as our partner kindly send us a soft copy of your logo.

AICB reserves the right to determine featured sponsors, when and how this is done.

Empowering People. Nations. Generations.

Empowering People. Nations. Generations.