Program Motivation

Many households continue to register zero or negative net wealth and a vicious cycle of indebtedness, with guardians experiencing challenges with regard to securing their own future and that of their children.

Many however fail to recognize the correlation between this and the time invested / level of exposure in money management skills.  The result, regrettably, is a propagated undesirable experience, a heavily dependent and unproductive youth population, unexploited resource / potential for sustained development and ultimately a limping economy.

This is indeed worrisome considering that from a very young age children appreciate money as an essential medium of exchange. The perception is created when older persons, either consciously or unconsciously, cite money as the reason they can or cannot access something they need or want.

With limited exposure in money skills and underlying concepts many children do not develop the capacity to understand why adults often times choose to place greater value on other things which, to the children, may not seem at all important.

Our Contribution

The youth, irrespective of age, represent our “window of hope” for the future in various realms. In a world full of opposing, contradicting and confusing influences, it is imperative that they are equipped with relevant competencies and support to assist them to make informed choices.

Our Program seeks to:

  • Break the vicious cycle of indebtedness by enabling members to learn and develop good understanding of money, its value and use, learn to make important financial decisions and build good money management habits from a young age
  • Contribute to the realization of Kenya’s Vision 2030 Economic Pillar by empowering the youth to embrace a savings culture and engage in long term investments
  • Facilitate access to affordable credit which will enable members to raise start up / operating capital in order to engage productively in income generating activities
  • Facilitate access to value adding programs and services e.g. education and medical Insurance
Empowering People. Nations. Generations.

Empowering People. Nations. Generations.