Membership to The Money Farm Program is a voluntary undertaking.

Registration approaches

The program executes member registration vide the following options:

a) Employer facilitation / Salary Check-Off: A duly executed memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the Organisation and AICB SACCO supports centralised collection and remittance of member contributions and related transactions.

This option is ideal for organisations that appreciate their employees as an important asset and are looking to adopt innovative programs aimed at promoting their engagement and productivity. The organisations recognise that a great motivator for their employees to engage in formal employment is their desire to provide for the needs of their dependants (especially children), to enable them realise a decent and comfortable existence and endeavour to facilitate them.

Anticipated benefits for the facilitating organisation include:

  • Alternative source of credit for employees to meet their dependants’ needs and wants
  • Inexpensive mode of enhancing employee motivation, engagement and productivity. This is because the program facilitates access to welfare services e.g. medical and other insurance, education and other value add services towards personal growth and development.
  • Productive deployment of organisation’s resources (includes financial, human and time resources)
  • Finance savvy and focused employees (through education, savings, credit, investment and pooled opportunities)
  • Opportunity to deliver on corporate social responsibility by directing transformation efforts on the youth for sustained change and development
  • Opportunity to nurture and / or grow the organisation’s customer / ambassador base.

Interested organisations are invited to contact AICB SACCO Society Ltd.

b) Individual Applications:  Applications from individuals which are considered on a case by case basis. Individual applications are centralised under Agency (AICB approved centre) management for ease of administration.

Registration requirements

Requirements for admission to the Program are as follows:

  • Duly completed and signed Application For Membership Form (Adult)
  • Duly completed and signed Appointment of Nominee Form (Adult)
  • Duly completed and signed Application For Membership Form (Minor, where applicable)
  • Duly completed and signed Appointment of Nominee Form (Minor, where applicable)
  • ID Copy of Sponsor
  • Copy of Birth Certificate or valid passport of Minor
  • 2 passport size photos of Minor
  • 2 passport size photos of Sponsor
  • Requisite fees as below:
Description Children Sponsor (Adult)
Registration 2,050      550
Share Purchase Fees       – 1,000
Minimum monthly contribution    500      600

Minimum shares that can be held are 50 at Kshs. 1,000.


  • Of the Kshs. 600 minimum monthly contribution for the adult member, Kshs. 100 goes towards the investment pool.
  • A nominal annual account administration fee is charged for the child’s account.

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Empowering People. Nations. Generations.

Empowering People. Nations. Generations.